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Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Bible – Review

The ESV Reader’s Bible was designed for reading in mind. Rather than cluttering up the text with distractions such as numbers and links, section headings, and footnotes, this Bible presents to the reader just the text of Scripture. This creates a Bible that is perfect for reading. Pros Reads like a book Cons Construction quality may vary Features 2011 ESV Cloth hardcover Slip case Sewn binding 9-point font Black letter Single column Paragraph format 2 Ribbons 4 Maps 8 x 5.5 x 1.5 SRP $29.99 ISBN: 9781433544149 Buy from Amazon: ESV Reader’s Bible Buy from Crossway: ESV Reader’s Bible...

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Waterproof Bible – Review

It feels weird splashing water on a Bible, but that’s exactly what I did to the Waterproof Bible from Bardin and Marsee Publishing. It is what is known as a DuraBook – a book printed entirely on plastic/synthetic pages. It’s available in several translations and covers. My review copy is KJV. Pros Waterproof Highlight without bleed thru Available in many translations Floats Cons Looks like a paperback Heavy for its size Features KJV DuraBook Plastic pages Text only 8-point font Black-letter Presentation page Floats Waterproof cover available 8.75 x 6 x 1.25 ISBN: 9781609690182 Cover and Binding There are...

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Coming Soon – ESV Reader’s Bible from Crossway – available for preorder

            Due to release June 30th is Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Bible. The focus of this Bible is reading. It does not include chapter or verse numbers in the text (they are placed at the top of the page for reference). The list price is $44.99. It is available for preorder for $30.36 from Amazon and $29.99 from Christianbook in brown or  black TruTone, and grey...

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American Bible Society Ruby KJV

This American Bible Society Ruby, published in 1953 in Great Britain (that’s funny, I don’t care who you are), is a real gem (sorry about that. It couldn’t be helped). It’s pocket sized, has a sharp black-letter pronouncing text, amazing paper, maps, art-gilt, a ribbon, and best of all a goatskin (real morocco) cover. I found this on eBay and couldn’t pass it up. Normally I would think this small text would be too small to read, but since I recently got reading glasses (46 year-old eyes) I’ve been enjoying the smaller Bibles. This text is sharp and clean...

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Crossway’s Single Column Heritage ESV Bible – Review

The Single Column Heritage Bible from Crossway is a hand size edition that is the perfect size for reading. It has a single-column paragraph layout and a large enough text to read comfortably, and it’s the perfect size for carrying and holding in one hand. Pros Hand size 9-pont font Edge-lined calfskin cover Cons Doesn’t lay flat in Genesis Features ESV Black calfskin cover Raised hubs on the spine Leather liner Sewn binding Single-column Paragraph format 9-point font Black letter Line matching 2 ribbons Presentation page Family information pages Translation notes Maps Gilted edges ISBN: 978-1-4335-3738-7 Made in China...

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