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Zondervan Thinline Large Print KJV Review

The Zondervan Thinline Large Print KJV is meant to be an everyday go-to Bible in large print. It’s meant to be a travel Bible that you can carry where ever you need to without sacrificing print size or having to settle for an overly large book-block. Something of course has to be sacrificed in order to keep the book-block thin enough and still retain the large print. What was sacrificed, and is the sacrifice worth it? Let’s take a look and see. Price $17-23 (depending on color) | Buy from Amazon Binding The cover is burgundy / carmel (tan)...

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Cambridge Standard Text KJV Bible Review

The Cambridge Standard Text is a hand-sized Bible that’s been around for many years. It’s also known as the Emerald, and is an enlargement of the Royal Brevier from the 1950’s by Eyre & Spottiswoode. The model I’m reviewing is KJ43. It’s black-letter and French Morroco and was printed in the UK in Belarus. It’s also available in red-letter and in hard cover (which would make a great pew Bible). Pros Cons Hand Size Not available in edge lined leather Thin Dark font No distractions in the text Glossary Reading plan Light   Binding This edition is French Morocco...

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TBS Comfort Text Bible – Review

The TBS Comfort Text is a licensed reprint of the Collins Iona Clear Type Octavo from 1957. It’s a text-only KJV in hard cover with 2 ribbons. It comes in black or brown. I’m reviewing the brown which has two brown ribbons to fit the color scheme. ISBN: 9781862283473. Binding The Comfort Text is a hard cover edition that’s covered in brown vinyl. The brown is about a medium-dark with gold lettering stamped into the cover and spine. The vinyl provides a nice grainy texture. I love the way it looks and feels. It’s sewn and includes decorative head...

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Three Classic Cambridge KJV’s – Concord, Large Print Text, and Cameo

Here’s a quick comparison between three of my favorite Cambridge KJV’s: Concord, Large Print Text, and Cameo. The Concord and Cameo both have 8-point fonts. The Large Print Text has a 10-point. I love all three equally and use them for different purposes. I’ve preach from all three and all three are great in the pulpit. I usually prefer to preach from larger fonts and consider the Large Print Text to be the best for preaching. The Cameo is by far the best for carry. If you want to do any detailed study the Concord is the best choice...

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Cambridge KJV Large Print Text Bible – Review

As I grow older I find myself gravitating toward smaller Bibles with larger and bolder print. I used to use large Bibles with small print and lots of extras, but I’ve found that I don’t use the extras that much. They have their place but I usually study with tools outside of my Bible. They mostly take up space at the expense of a print that’s comfortable to read. I don’t need extras in a Bible I read or preach from. For most of my reading I just need a small to mid-size Bible that I can carry and...

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