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UBS NIV Greek English New Testament Review

The UBS NIV Greek English New Testament from Zondervan Academic combines the 5th edition of the UBS critical text (with full apparatus) and the 2011 edition of the NIV. It provides a hand-sized parallel edition that’s easy to use for students and translators. The UBS 5 text contains the same Greek text as NA28. The only difference is a few details of punctuation and paragraphing. Spellings have been changed to match the Nestle-Aland 28th edition. It includes variants and adds manuscript evidence for the variants, showing how the variants and their evidence work together. Papyri 117-127 are also included....

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Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, & Timelines – Review

Rose Publishers recently released the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, & Timelines expanded 10th anniversary edition. It’s 244 pages and includes a long list of their foldout pamphlets. It’s available in both book and PDF formats. This is a quick look at the PDF. The PDF edition is in ultra-high resolution and is reproducible. There are too many charts to name them all, but they are broken down into these major categories: Bible Overview Old Testament New Testament Maps Christianity, Cults, and Religions Map Index Subject Index There are so many charts that it’s hard to pick a...

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Rose Publishing’s The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Rose Publishing’s The Parable of the Prodigal Son takes a look at the parable of Jesus and analyzes the thoughts, actions, and reactions of not only the main characters in the parable but also those listening to Jesus. Rather than focus on the prodigal son only, this pamphlet analyzes the story of the prodigal son and discusses the three characters and their actions in an easy to follow study. Retelling the Story Rather than giving you the Scriptures word for word, it retells the story, highlighting the setting and purpose of the parable. It explains the thoughts and culture...

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The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

Many people read the King James Version of the Bible because they love the connection it has to historical Christianity. The Authorized Version “speaks” to us in a way that is classic, timeless, and beautiful. This is the Bible the Puritans, the Colonial Calvinists like Jonathan Edwards, and fiery golden-mouthed preachers like Charles Spurgeon used and loved. It was the Bible of the founders of the America and of Billy Graham. Until the advent of the “modern translation,” the King James Bible was the Bible of the English speaking world. Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible For this reason, Reformation Heritage Press has given the conservative, evangelical Christian world a major gift in the new KJV Study Bible. This will be a Bible that KJV readers, especially those of a Reformed and Confessional perspective, will treasure for generations. Because of the theological perspective of the editors, though, it may not be for everyone. (More on that below). Quick Facts: Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books Layout: Double column; verse-by-verse; full study Bible annotation Binding: Hardback, sewn binding Font: text, 10pt. Notes 8pt. (approximate) Ribbons: none Extras: Presentation pages, theological articles, one to three page book introductions, several historic creeds and the Reformed Confessions (Dordt, Belgic, Heidelberg, Westminster, etc.), twenty centuries historical overview, concordance, Bible reading guide, color maps. Price: $29.oo (hardback) Theological Perspective Let’s jump right into the theological position of the Bible to determine if it...

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A Study Guide in the Book of Hebrews – Review

Rose Publishing is releasing A Study Guide in the Book of Hebrews as a pamphlet. It contains seven lessons with each cover a chapter or two – corresponding to the seven sections of the book of Hebrews. It contains facts about the book, an outline, charts, and covers the major themes. The section on chapter 11 is interesting because it contains a nice chart giving each person’s name, description, and the OT reference. The primary point of the study is holding to the faith in the face of opposition and showing that the new covenant is the better covenant. It not...

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