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Cambridge Concord in Black Calf Split Leather, KJV

Cambridge has been busy bringing out new editions. Their newest edition is an old classic in a new package. The Cambridge Concord is a classic setting that has been around for many years, but now it’s available in calf split leather. The Cambridge Concord has a nice layout and set of features that works: 9-point semi-bold font Red letter Self-pronouncing text Translators to the Reader Center-column references Thin opaque paper 15 maps Sewn binding Gilded edges 2 ribbon markers Thumb index Bible dictionary Glossary Concordance Calf split leather cover 8.25×5.5×1.25 Cover This new edition comes in calf split leather....

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R L Allan Oxford Clarendon Wide Margin KJV in Black Highland Goatskin

R L Allan’s latest King James edition is the nice wide margin that was formerly published by Oxford. The font, layout, and margin are the same, but this wide margin has been given Allan’s exquisite binding treatment, making it the most durable and flexible wide margin available in KJV. Here are the basic features: Highland Goatskin Epistle Dedicatory and Allan Royal License Center column References Chapter summaries 3 Dark Blue Ribbon Markers Leather Lined Smyth sewn Semi yapp Gilt line inside Red under gold page edges (art-gilt) 8/9 point Bold Clarendon type Italics for inserted text Same pagination as regular size Brevier Clarendon editions 8.5 x 7 x 1.5 inches 1.5 inch margin 1536 pages 15 (16 pages) full color Oxford Bible maps 26 page for notes 48 pages of lined writing paper Coated writable India paper Binding The binding on this Allan is superb. It is leather-lined and includes a semi yapp. The highland goatskin is one of the softest and most flexible leathers available for a Bible and this highland goatskin is as nice as any I’ve seen. It includes the leather glued into the leather lining and end-pages, making this a well-build Bible that should last a lifetime. It is a sewn binding that lays flat. Layout I love wide margin Bibles. In my opinion, everyone should use a wide margin Bible for study- especially those...

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Hebrew English Parallel Bible for nook from Miklal Software Solutions

Miklal Software Solutions’ Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is a well-formatted and easy to navigate parallel Bible for nook. It contains the Leningrad Codex Hebrew text and the Jewish Publication Society’s 1917 English translation. Each verse is presented in Hebrew (or Aramaic) and then English is printed directly under it, creating the Hebrew/English parallel. The Hebrew text looks great. It reads from right to left and includes all of the consonants, vowels, and marks. The English text looks and reads well. Navigation is excellent. Aside from the standard nook navigation, you can navigate directly to a verse by typing the abbreviation for the verse, followed by the chapter number, a space, and then the verse number in the Find box. For example, to navigate to Psalms 119:105 you would type: ps 119 105 In the current version this only works while moving forward. In order to get around this, simply go to an earlier book and then type your search. Like all Miklal Software Solutions products, the Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is an excellent value. The text looks great and navigation is easy. This is a good addition to the library of anyone that is interested in the Hebrew Scriptures. I recommend Hebrew English Parallel Bible from Miklal Software Solutions.     Miklal Software Solutions provided this review copy for free. I was not required to give a...

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Cambridge Clarion – An In-depth Look at the Reader’s Companion

With key features such as single column paragraph format (unique for a KJV edition), a nice black-letter 8.75 Lexicon Number 1 digital font, opaque India paper, references and translation notes on the outside margin, Smyth-sewn, and the perfect handy size (5x7x1.5), the Clarion is sure to be a staple in Bible publishing for many years to come. However, the KJV Clarion, with its many standard features, has one new feature worth taking a special look at. Rather than a standard concordance, the KJV Clarion has a Reader’s Companion which serves as a concordance and dictionary. The Reader’s Companion is...

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RL Allan Wide Margin KJV Now Available from

The ultra-fine wide-margin Bible from R.L. Allan is now in stock at They look to be among the best wide-margins in print.     Some of the features include: Epistle Dedicatory and Allan Royal License Center column References Chapter summaries 3 Dark Blue Ribbon Markers (Highland Goatskin) or 2 Red Ribbon Markers (Italian Calfskin) Leather Lined Smyth sewn Full yapp, gilt line inside, red under gold page edges (Highland Goatskin) or semi yapp, red under gold page edges (Italian Calfskin) 10 point Bold Clarendon type Italicized for inserted text Same pagination as regular size Brevier Clarendon editions 8.5 x 7 inches (width = 1.5 inches) 1 inch margin 1536 pages 16 pages Oxford Bible maps 26 page for notes 48 pages of lined writing paper Writable India paper The wide-margin from RL Allan looks to be a Bible with outstanding quality and will be a Bible to keep as a life-long companion. You can order your copy here: Oxford Reference > Allan Wide Margin...

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