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Ark Encounter – Interview with Dr. Andrew Snelling

At the Ark Encounter I had the privileged of interviewing several scientists and a designer. The first interview was with Dr. Andrew Snelling. Dr. Snelling has a PhD in geology and is a research geologist for Answers in Genesis. We talked about fossils, how they are formed, the lack of transitional fossils, how geology supports Noah’s flood, rock layers, living fossils, poly-strata fossils, and lots more. You can learn more at Here’s the audio: For articles from Dr. Snelling, see: Latest Articles by Dr. Andrew A. Snelling For DVD’s from Dr. Snelling, see his page at AiG: Dr. Andrew Snelling...

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Our Trip to the Ark Encounter – Part 2

The ark has three decks, but it’s actually 7 stories high. There are long ramps between the decks and plenty of room for visitors to walk around on all tree decks. Rather than just showing that there’s enough room for all if the 7000 animals (remember, the Bibles says “kinds” – not species) they decided to show how the animals and Noah’s family could have lived on the ark as well as show lots of educational displays. It isn’t meant to be a complete replica of Noah’s Ark in the way it was built, so it does have electricity,...

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Ark Encounter – Press Conference and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

At the press conference Ken Ham talked about the purpose of the Ark Encounter, using it for evangelism, how it was funded, tax breaks, the impact it has already had and will have on the local community and Kentucky, and more. I posed the last question of the press conference (around the 26 minute mark). The crowd seemed to like my question and comments to Ken Ham. Here’s the video of the press conference: Here’s the audio of the press conference:     I stood next to the three scientists that I had already signed up to interview: Dr....

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Our Trip to the Ark Encounter – Part 1

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY is a life-size replica of Noah’s ark based on the description given in the Bible and on historical facts of ship-building. It’s huge at 510 ft long, 85 ft wide, and 51 ft high. We went to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and got to go inside. There are lots of props including animals, tools, living quarters, etc. There are also lots of educational areas that talk about the cultures, flood legends, animals (including dinosaurs on the ark), geology and the flood, and lots more. The first floor shows how the animals could have been...

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