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Experience the Book – Museum of the Bible Video

The Museum of the Bible opens in November 2017, and to help raise awareness they’ve produced a high-quality (and big budget) video about the impact of the Bible through history called Experience the Book. This video is nothing short of epic. It highlights 12 events in history that were so influential that they changed the world forever. The 12 events are: Manuscript copyist escaping from the Romans in Canaan and hiding scrolls in Qumran The Gutenberg Press and printing the Bible Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the door at Wittenburg Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel Galileo The Mayflower and...

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Interview with Tim Chaffey

I recently revisited the Ark Encounter for their one-year anniversary to see what they’ve added. As I arrived at the media tent there stood Tim Chaffey, Content Manager of the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, and author of several books. He also posed for a figure of a giant (which isn’t much of a stretch for Tim, although the real giants would still make him look small). I wasn’t letting the opportunity to interview Tim again to pass me by (see last year’s interview here). Here’s the interview: I always enjoy talking with Tim Chaffey. If you see...

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Ark Encounter One Year Anniversary

Last year when the Ark Encounter opened to the public it was actually phase one of many for the park. While the ark itself was complete and some of the landscaping was done, there was still a lot of work to do. They’ve been busy for the last 12 months finishing up the landscaping and adding lots more. To celebrate the Ark Encounter’s first anniversary we returned to tour the ark and see what’s been added over the last 12 months. As nice as it was when it opened, it’s seen a lot of improvements. Here’s a look at...

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The Ark Encounter – Interview with Tim Chaffey

At the Ark Encounter I interviewed several scientists and a designer. The designer was Tim Chaffey. Tim Chaffey’s training is in theology and he is the content manager for the Ark Encounter. He wrote the wording for all of the signage, the video scripts, We talked about species, the interior layout of the ark, the interior garden and food storage, the animal cages, daily life on the ark, the size of the ark, the design of the exterior, the materials used, how God could have prepared Noah, ancient ship building, how the ark answers the skeptics, and what’s coming...

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The Ark Encounter – Interview with Dr. Georgia Purdom

At the Ark Encounter I interviewed several scientists and a designer. One of those scientists was Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom has a PhD in molecular genetics and she is a research geneticist at Answers in Genesis. We talked about bone biology and the lack of transitional forms, the number of animals on the ark, why animals can’t change from one kind to another, mutations, dinosaurs on the ark, ark exhibits (the ice age, Tower of Babel, etc.), and lots more. Here’s the audio (sorry for it being in two sections – I missed part of the audio):

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