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Bible Buying Tip – Bible Translations

Choosing a Bible translation is one of the most important decisions you can make in your Bible reading and study. The right translation can increase your understanding, help you to grow deeper, improve memorization, and stay excited about the Word of God. The wrong translation can keep you confused, and even worse, bored over God’s Word. Translating the Scriptures is not a simple task. Often, there isn’t just a single word in English that means exactly what a word means in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. Words have a range of meanings and that range can be much different from...

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Bible Buying Tip – Features of a Good Bible

When choosing a Bible there are several features that you will want to pay close attention to. These features will determine how the Bible can best be used and how long it will last. These features include: Translation – it is important to choose a translation that you will be comfortable using for several years. Literal (word-for-word) translations are great for study and are good for reading, while functional (thought-for-thought) translations, while not as good for study, excel at readability. Cover – choose the highest quality and most durable cover you can afford. Choices include imitation leather, bonded leather,...

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Bible Buying Tip – Choosing a Bible According to How it Will be Used

  It’s almost impossible to find a Bible that’s perfect for every use. For example, a Bible that’s great for study might not be a good choice for carry. When choosing a Bible it’s a good idea to consider how the Bible will be used. Here are some things to consider: Reading – good text and layout, clear of distractions, multiple ribbons, reading plan, maybe easy to hold in one hand. Font size, print quality, and paper opacity are key factors in readability. Study – tools such as cross or chain references, concordance, dictionary, topical index, commentary, maybe wide margins...

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Bible Buying Tip – Expensive vs Inexpensive

Prices of Bibles range from a couple of dollars to a couple hundred dollars. Each price range has advantages and disadvantages. Expensive Typically, the more expensive the Bible the longer it will last because it was built with high quality materials. A higher quality cover, binding, and paper should last many years longer than that of lower quality. If you want a Bible that will last then it is better to buy a more expensive Bible than to go cheap and have to replace a Bible because it fell apart. Inexpensive Inexpensive Bibles are easier to replace. Even though...

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