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How to Choose an All-Purpose Bible

I’ve written a lot about using more than one Bible. I even have a guest post on Bible Design Blog about this very topic. In my opinion, a Bible that’s designed for a special purpose, such as reading or marking, is better for its specific purpose than one Bible that tries to do everything. With that said, there are times when it makes sense to use an all-purpose Bible. An all-purpose Bible is a multi-tool. Multi-tools are useful, but they’re not as good at each task as a tool made just for that task would be. I believe specialized...

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Choosing a Bible for Your Pastor

I am often asked what to buy a pastor as a gift for Pastor Appreciation Month (which is October btw). One of the best gifts you can buy a pastor is a Bible. A pastor, more than anyone else, needs multiple Bibles. Even if they have several they can always use one more. Pastors actually need several Bibles to suit various purposes. No one Bible can suit every purpose perfectly. In this article we’ll look at some ideas for buying a Bible for your pastor. I’ve even recruited a few reviewers, preachers, and pastors and asked them to give advice from...

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Bible Buying Tip – Paper

Paper is one of the most important elements of a Bible. No matter what tools it has or how good the cover is, if I don’t like the paper then I won’t use it. With paper there are some trade-offs to consider. In a perfect world Bibles would have paper that was so opaque that you couldn’t see through to the other side, it would be thick enough that you would never have any trouble turning the page, it would take any kind of pen or marker and never show through to the other side or leave indentions in...

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Bible Buying Tip – Cover and Binding

  The cover of the Bible is a very important feature and should be chosen carefully. I recommend buying the best cover you can afford. A badly made cover will greatly shorten the life of the Bible, while a high quality cover has a better chance of lasting for many years. Sewn bindings typically last longer than glued and will lay open and flat much easier. Glued bindings tend to keep the spine flat, which makes the text bend into the inner margin. Also, there is a chance the pages will come out with use. Here is a short...

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Bible Buying Tip – Choosing a Bible Translation

A Bible translation should be chosen according to its use and need. For example, literal translations are better for study, while thought-for-thought translations are often better for reading. It’s best to use a variety of translations for reading and study with one as your primary translation for memorization and general use. Translation Overview This is a short summary of some of the major translations in use today, with a sample from 2 Timothy. To make your final choice you’ll want to compare more Scriptures, but this will give you an idea of what the translation is like. KJV The...

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