Cambridge Concord Wide Margin KJV in Goatskin – Video Review

I’ve been a fan of Derek Jones’ Bible reviews for years. I’m also a fan of the Cambridge Concord Wide Margin. In his video review for the Bible Exchange he takes a look at the goatskin edition.

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  1. Jonathan

    Thanks for a great review! This looks like a beautiful Bible that will last a lifetime. But I’ve got one quick question: would you say that the text size in this wide margin KJV Concord is bigger than the text in the other wide margins that Cambridge produces (e.g. wide margin NKJV)? I would really like a new wide margin Bible, but I find the text in the wide margin NKJV that a friend bought recently too small for my aging eyes!

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Jonathan. They’re about the same size, but the Concord is a lot darker. I’m 47 and wear bifocals. I like large print. I don’t have any trouble with the Concord. I think it’s easier to read than larger fonts that are not as dark.

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