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Interview with 2K/Denmark

I recently had the opportunity to interview the amazing crew of 2K/Denmark, including Klaus E. Krogh (CEO), Magnus Gaarde (Head of Design) and Johs Krejberg Haahr (Bible Concept Developer). 2K/Denmark are some of my heroes of Bible design and I am grateful for them agreeing to this interview and for their time they put into these detailed answers. In this interview they give us an inside look into the world of Bible design. Here’s the complete interview. Introduce our readers to 2K/Denmark. Who are you and what is it you do? Klaus: 2K/DENMARK is a graphic design company founded in...

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New Cambridge Paragraph Bible Personal Size Calfskin Review

The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible is a revision of the King James that, instead of revising the later revisions, returns back to the 1611 edition in an effort to produce a text the translators had in mind. Spelling and punctuation is updated to today’s English. The original New Cambridge Paragraph Bible was produced in 2005. The 2011 personal size edition makes several corrections and, as the name suggests, reduces the size to something more manageable for every day use. The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible is basically a text edition with translator’s footnotes that sets the standard for a modern...

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International Day of the Bible 2017 – Reading Tips

Today, Sunday, Nov. 12th, is the International Day of the Bible – a worldwide public celebration of the Word of God. This celebration is facilitated by They’re prayer is to join them in reading the Bible at 12:00 pm (noon local time) and to post on social media use the hashtag #BibleCelebration. To help with this celebration, here are some Bible reading tips. 1. Read prayerfully. Always pray before reading, asking God to lead and guide your through His Word and to open up your understanding. Not to read into Scripture or to read between the lines, but to understand the clear...

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Interview with Mark Ward

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mark Ward of Faithlife. Mark writes and teaches about Bible design (one of my favorite topics), Logos software (one of my favorite apps), and the Bible in general (back to my favorite topic), so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to toss some question his way. He was gracious with his time and provided some seriously detailed answers. So we have for you today the complete unedited interview with Mark Ward. On to the interview… Introduce yourself to our readers. I’m a Bible nerd who can’t stop putting more words about the...

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The Spurgeon Study Bible Review

Charles Spurgeon is one of those preachers from the past that needs no introduction. Most have read, or at least heard of, his classic devotional called Morning and Evening. It’s one of the most, if not the most, popular devotionals available. Most of his writings and teachings have a devotional quality to them. That devotional quality shines in Holman’s Spurgeon Study Bible. Alistair Begg chose and edited excerpts from Spurgeon’s sermons to create this Study Bible. It comes with four different covers (made in China). Holman provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review,...

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