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Is the Bible Reliable, Tyndale Publishing TrueU Series Volume 2

Is the Bible Reliable? building the historical case from Tyndale Publishing is a 2-DVD and book set from the creators of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project. This is the second set in the TrueU series. The DVDs include five hours of classroom lectures which covers 10 lessons on archaeological finds and how those finds correlate to events in the Bible, showing the Bible to be accurate and reliable through external corroboration. The book is a companion to the lectures and includes questions from the lectures, archaeological facts, photos of archaeological artifacts, interviews with archaeologists, a glossary for each chapter, lots of fun cartoons, and more. The lectures are given by Dr. Stephen Meyer. They are well delivered and filled with fascinating information. Meyer uses visuals and shows what we find in Scripture, and then shows external archaeological evidence that backs up the Bibles’ claims. Meyer delivers strong evidence that the Bible is reliable from an archaeological standpoint. The companion guide is meant to help guide you through the lectures. It does contain some facts and photos, but there’s not enough in it to use as a carry-with-me defender’s guide. The real strength in this series is the DVD lectures. You’ll want to watch it several times and I recommend taking notes to build your own defender’s guide. I recommend Is the Bible Reliable? DVD set, as I...

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LCBP 400th Anniversary Edition Ready for Pre-Order

Local Church Bible Publisher’s is taking pre-orders for their KJV 1611 Anniversary Edition. This beautiful Bible is crafted in lamb-skin and is dry-stamped. 400th Anniversary Edition – Dry Stamped Black Lambskin Item # 425 **Pre-Order only. This item will ship when when it is instock.** Open: 14″ x 9.5″ Closed: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″ Margins (in/out/top/bottom): 0.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″ Maps: YES Concordance: YES Award Page: NO Cen. Col. Ref.: NO Pages: 1,608...

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Miklal Software Solutions Strongs Greek Dictionary of the Bible for Kindle

Miklal Software Solutions offers a solid e-reader edition of Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the Bible for Kindle and nook. This review covers the Kindle edition. Strong’s dictionaries are must-have tools for Bible study. Miklal Software Solutions offers this must-have tool in ebook format, making e-readers even better Bible study tools. Strong’s Greek Dictionary provides an easy to use reference for studying the original Biblical Greek language. I like the layout of the dictionary. Each word is given in the original Greek, and then transliterated into English. Each word includes the Strong’s number, pronunciation, and definition. I’m impressed with the Greek fonts in this text, which is beautiful. Navigation is easy as there are various types of navigation provided. The first is a table of contents that provides the Greek alphabet and the Strong’s numbers that are related to that letter. Selecting the letter provides the next level of screens, which provides two letters and the Strong’s numbers related to those numbers. Another type of navigation is done through hyperlinks within the text. This is one of the most useful features in my opinion. If you know the Strong’s number you’re looking for, simply type the letter ‘g’ and the Strong’s number. This will take you directly to the definition you want. You can also search for the transliterated word (ex: logos). The navigation features make the dictionary a very...

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Active Reading through Highlighting

One of the most valuable active reading methods is highlighting. Highlighting is a good way to identify the main points of a text. Some of the most useful things to highlight include words, phrases, and sentences. This helps to understand the thought of the writer. It also helps in determining meaning, and is a great help in memorization. For me, highlighting is one of the best memorization tools. I use highlighting differently than I use color-coding. For color-coding, I color topics. You can also use color-coding for memory verses, verses that speak to you, and many others. In highlighting,...

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Local Church Bible Publishers Value Series

LCBP produces a series of Bibles they call “Value Bibles”. These Bibles are their Giant Print, Hand Size Standard Text, and Hand Size Wide-Margin KJV Bibles with vinyl covers; and the prices are unbelievable- $6.00 for the Standard and Wide-Margin, and $8.00 for the Giant Print. In order to cut costs these Bibles do not have ribbons or gilted edges, but the paper and construction are still top-notch. The fonts are bold and the paper is more opaque than most Bibles. These are text-only editions, so there are no references. These Bibles are also available in leather editions that include gilted edges, 2 ribbons, maps, and concordance (except for the wide-margin edition, which does not include the concordance).     Vinyl Wide Margin Bible Black Item # 357 $6.00 The smallest in this series is the Hand Size Wide-Margin. It has about a 7-point font, with a 1-inch margin on the outside and .75 inch margin on the inside. It’s a nice handy size. I recommend this one for those that want to use a wide-margin Bible but are afraid to start writing in a more expensive Bible. For $6.00 you can go through as many of these as you want until you feel comfortable enough to write in the $50 LCBP leather wide-margin. Or, you might rather have the handy size in leather. This way you can practice...

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