Author: Lucinda Brown

World Literature by James Stobaugh Review

World Literature: Cultural Influences of Early to Contemporary Voices by James P. Stobaugh is a very complete literature course but it is not for everyone. It is designed to help students “Think Critically, Write Articulately, and Live Biblically.” It counts as two full High School level credits (both writing and literature) and uses a Classical Education and Whole Book approach with a biblical worldview. There is a World History course by Stobaugh published by Master Books that is designed to be easily combined with this one for a third credit. It is divided into 34 chapters having 5 daily...

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Made in Heaven Review

Innovations in many fields come not from man’s imagination but by copying designs found in God’s creation. That is the premise behind Made in Heaven by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto and published by Master Books a division of New Leaf Publishing. The writers have chosen 32 examples of intricate designs in nature and shown examples of how scientists have copied or are trying to copy them to make advances in medicine, energy, robotics, and even clothing. Some of the examples are fairly obvious like cat’s eyes to make better road reflectors or have been used in other creation...

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