Author: Lucinda Brown

Can You Write in a Cambridge Clarion?

I’ve always been avid Bible marker but I haven’t had the courage to mark up my Cambridge Clarion. I was afraid of bleed-through. I’ve also had several readers ask about this, so I know I’m not the only one. Well, Christopher Lewis marked in his and I have to say that I’m impressed. Here’s what Christopher had to say about writing in his KJV Clarion: I use the Micron 01 and a Zebrite medium bible highlighter. The pen has no more bleed through than the type inside of the clarion. The highlighter does a great job. The paper in...

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The New Answers Book 4 – Review

This is the fourth installment in Master Books popular and well written New Answers Book series. Written by many different authors (including Bodie Hodge, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and more) and edited by Ken Ham it answers 30 more questions in the Creation/Evolution debate.

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Story Shaped Worship by Robbie F. Castleman – Review

Story Shaped Worship – Following Patterns from The Bible and History by Robbie F. Castleman asks what is the right way to worship? Even though I don’t agree with Mrs. Castleman completely doctrinally and attend a church with a less formal liturgy than the standard she presents I think she’s done a good job of answering that question.               Castleman has done a very thorough study of the Bible and church services throughout history. The book is written on a scholarly level but is still accessible to the common lay person. She points...

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World Literature by James Stobaugh Review

World Literature: Cultural Influences of Early to Contemporary Voices by James P. Stobaugh is a very complete literature course but it is not for everyone. It is designed to help students “Think Critically, Write Articulately, and Live Biblically.” It counts as two full High School level credits (both writing and literature) and uses a Classical Education and Whole Book approach with a biblical worldview. There is a World History course by Stobaugh published by Master Books that is designed to be easily combined with this one for a third credit. It is divided into 34 chapters having 5 daily...

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