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2016 ECPA Christian Book Awards

The 2016 ECPA Christian Book Award winners were announced last night. Bible Buying Guide was of course most interested in the winner of the Bibles category. The finalists were: ESV Action Bible Study Bible  NLT Dancing in the Desert Devotional Bible from Tyndale NLT Illustrated Study Bible from Tyndale NIV Zondervan Study Bible ESV Reformation Study Bible And the Winner is … the NLT Illustrated Study Bible from Tyndale. (You guessed that already from the picture, didn’t you?) We have a copy of this Bible in house for an upcoming review and it a very nice (and rather large)...

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How I Got Started Bible Art Journaling

I really like Bible art journaling. It’s a way for me to combine Bible study and quiet time and my love of crafting while I actually use some of the craft supplies I have laying everywhere (and occasionally buy new ones). It wasn’t easy for me to get started though. I had been seeing pictures of artwork in Bibles popping up more and more frequently while on Pinterest and Randy had been showing me ones that where showing up in the various Bible groups he belonged to on Facebook. I was intrigued right at the start, but kept putting...

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Various Art Mediums in the NLT Inspire Bible

I’m back with the second post in my Various Art Medium series. This time I’m working in the NLT Inspire Bible. The paper quality in this Bible is identical (or at least so close I can’t tell the difference) to the My Creative Bible so some of these results are like the ones in last week’s post. Colored Pencils work perfectly with no bleed through (as expected). My coloring is pretty basic but I’ve seen some absolutely beautiful pictures from this Bible done in pencil. I’m planning on experimenting and seeing if I can do some of the bright...

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Various Art Mediums in the KJV My Creative Bible

I’ve spent some time over the last couple of weeks coloring and drawing in my Creative Bible. I has been a lot of fun and very uplifting (and occasionally scary and disheartening). Here are most of my results so far. The colored pencil, as expected, works beautifully with almost no bleed through. (You can see the printed illustrations as well or better then the colored pencil). I used Prismacolor pencils on the large picture and Crayola Twistables on the 1st page of Genesis. Colored pencils are an excellent choice for beginners or those who haven’t quite let go of their...

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KJV My Creative Bible Review

There is a lot of demand right now for Bibles that are easy to art journal in. To meet this demand Christian Art Publishers has developed the KJV My Creative Bible. Using the translation that many of us are most familiar with they have added beautiful covers and lots of blank space for people to work with. They have also included over 300 line drawings of some of the most frequently illustrated verses and words. BINDING  It comes in several cover options including: A dark pink LuxeLeather hardcover binding with floral debossing, multicolor rose print page edges, a dark...

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